VMGSim 9.0 Maintenance Update

Posted on April 27, 2015 in Software Update tagged 2015

We have posted a new official maintenance update for VMGSim 9.0

The new official version is on the website and the “Check Version” feature inside VMGSim will also reflect the change. The most significant changes for VMGSim 9.0.62 since 9.0.44 are as follows:

o changes
x bug fix
+ addition
(x.y.z) update version in which a feature was first available (Major.Minor.Build)


v9.0 (April 2015 - Maintenance Update - Build 62)


x Fixed saturation conditions check in VMGRefprop that would prevent convergence for certain conditions
x Improved water content of CO2 for lower temperatures in APRNG2
x Fix PH discontinuity near critical point for Steam 97
x Improved bubble point line calculations for certain systems in APRNG and APRNG2


x Fix for zero loss option for mixer/splitter
x Fix for automatic calculation of enlarger angle for pipes/nozzles
x Fix for guide vane interpolation
x Fixed outer heat transfer coefficient underprediction
x Fixed compressor curve regressions to handle temporarily inconsistent curves
x Fix for boundary stream dp/df when step size is not 1 second
x Fix for CauseEffect input not resetting when error condition clears


x Fix for vector variables that were causing a unit operation to be sent to the forget stack
x Pipe segment now treats calculated values passed to the detail tab the same way as specs
x Fixed units problem in the pure compound property plot
x Fixed refresh problem when renaming Case Studies
+ Added handling for non-ideal gas fluids in the orifice meter (liquid/two-phase/restriction orifice)
+ Added sizing calculations and permanent pressure drop as a spec in the orifice meter
+ Added support for corner and radius tap types in the orifice meter
o Updated orifice meter calculations to match the latest revisions to the standards
o All properties in the Extended Equilibrium results use the flowsheet's standard reference conditions

**This version also corrects the problem found in non-official versions 9.0.48 – 9.0.61 related to not being able to select a kinetic correction for some Claus unit operations.

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