VMG's Marco Satyro Lectures at CALCON 2014

Posted on July 11, 2014 in News tagged 2014

VMG's Marco Satyro presented a lecture titled, "How Physical Properties Affect Process Design Decisions - Can We Do Better?", at the North American Calorimetry Conference (CALCON) 2014, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, from July 6 - 10.

Abstracts for the lecture below:


"How Physical Properties Affect Process Design Decisions – Can we do better?"
by Marco A. Satyro and Yau-Kun Li

Process design is intimately connected with the calculation of thermodynamic and physical properties. Decisions related to process design range from the determination of recirculation rates to equipment sizing and control system implementation. These process design decisions have significant costs, either from energy requirements for proper operation or from capital costs related to hardware fabrication. In this paper we will briefly examine how uncertainties associated with physical properties affect design decisions; what are the desirable characteristics a physical property data system must have to assist on the design and implementation of physical property calculation models that can be used within a process simulation environment and we will conclude examining how such a simulation system could be used to develop better process engineering design practices.

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