Spring 2018 News & Events

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Schlumberger completes acquisition of VMG

Schlumberger has completed an acquisition of VMG—a privately owned software company specializing in process simulation and thermos-physical property prediction.

Through the addition of VMG and its software portfolio, customers will have the opportunity to further improve efficiency and experience a seamless collaborative workflow across the full spectrum of E&P technology—enabling simulation of every portion of the production system—from the reservoir, through wells, gathering system, processing facilities and transmission lines.

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8th Annual International Acid Gas Injection Symposium

VMG’s Chris Arthur and James van der Lee along with William Acevedo from Shell will be presenting their paper, A Dynamic Simulation to Aid Design of Shell CCS Quest Project Multi Stage Compressor Shutdown System, at the AGIS being held May 22-25 in Calgary, AB.

Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference

VMG hosted a hospitality suite at the 68th annual Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference February 25-28 in Norman, OK.

GPA Midstream Convention

VMG also hosted a hospitality event at the GPA Midstream Convention that was held April 15-18 in Austin, TX.

Congratulations to Dewayne Anderson on receiving the Committee Volunteer of the Year award at the convention.

VMG Europe

VMG Europe attended and chaired sessions at the MUGI Haverly Conference that was held in Florence, Italy in April 2018.

They will be presenting a paper, Integrated Dynamic Flare Analysis brings Relief, at the GPA Europe event that is being held May 16-18 in Florence, Italy.

They are also presenting another paper, Understand Your Feed Better Through Molecular Modelling, at the IDW (International Downstream Week) 2018 event that is taking place May 22-25 in Prague, Czech Republic.

PTQ Publication

VMG's Glen Hay and Lante Carbognani along with Hideki Nagata from the Fuji Oil Company have published a paper, Heavy Feed Characterisation: A Molecular Approach, in the 2018 Q2 issue of the PTQ.

Refinery & Petrochemical Tutorials Available!

Naphtha Cracking Furnace and HVGO Hydrotreater tutorials are now available - the first in our new Refinery & Petrochemical video series.

QSoft Partnership

VMG is pleased to announce the formation of a joint product and marketing alliance with QSoft Solutions Ltd.

QSoft produces QPlant, a cost-estimating package for the process industry. QPlant has been designed to work with VMGSim to create a powerful solution to quickly predict accurate costs that will optimize your investments.

QSoft’s 40 years of experience with cost estimating and construction provides VMGSim with a rigorous approach to early-stage cost estimating that facilitates a significant improvement in strategic decisions with improved knowledge of long term financial implications for investments made today.

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