Summer 2017 News & Events

Posted on June 16, 2017 in Corporate Events Training News tagged 2017

VMG hosted a hospitality event at the 2017 GPA Midstream conference that was held April 9-12 in San Antonio, TX. It was a successful event and everyone who attended enjoyed our cryogenic cocktails while learning about VMGSim, VMGSim Dynamics, our pipeline capabilities, and core processing applications.


Our June 6 Total Field Management Lunch & Learn event was very well attended. Attendees had the opportunity to preview the new software developments in our total field management solution and learned how it could help with their field development and forecasting evaluations.


Raul Cota and Gord Slemko from the Calgary office were part of a team of 112 linked runners, attached at the waist through a series of surgical tubes, carabiners and belts that completed the Calgary Marathon on Sunday, May 28th. This Guinness World Record attempt to break the current record of ‘most runners linked to complete a marathon’ was done to raise awareness for mitochondrial disease.

Team Mito accomplished their goal of having all 112 runners complete the race and are now waiting to hear from Guinness to officially ratify the record.


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