New Features Available in VMG Gasmod

Posted on March 13, 2017 in News Software Update tagged 2017

Over the last few months, VMG Gasmod and VMGSim have continued to cross-pollinate resulting in several new features being added that further expedite model creation and allow the user to perform more detailed evaluations of their asset.

Such exciting new features include:

  • Accumap Shapefile Import - Full data population of every pipe segment exported from Accumap with an “upon-import” filter to select only the pipe the user wants in their model.
  • Network Connection Tool – Imported Shapefiles may not have every pipe segment connected properly. To manually locate and connect these segments would be prohibitive especially on large models so the Network Connection Tool was created to allow the user to automate pipeline connections to unconnected wells and pipe segments while providing the flexibility to locate, inspect and connect them individually, if necessary.
  • Support for Shapefiles generated with NAD27 - VMG Gasmod now allows for import of Shapefiles generated using NAD27.
  • Hydrate Pressure Calculation – Given a temperature, VMG Gasmod can now calculate the corresponding Hydrate Formation Pressure. This is in addition to the Hydrate Formation Temperature calculation that is already available when given the pressure.
  • Export Entire VMG Gasmod Network – User can export a VMG Gasmod Network and import it into another model for consolidation purposes, etc.

Development continues bringing the power of both programs together!

Contact us for additional details and learn how VMG Gasmod can help optimize your total field, no matter what the size.

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