VMG is pleased to Announce an Alliance with Softbits Consultants Ltd.

Posted on November 24, 2016 in Corporate Press News Software Update tagged 2016

Virtual Materials Group (VMG) is pleased to announce the formation of a preferential working alliance with Softbits Consultants Ltd.

This alliance was formed after both companies identified major synergies in their respective development in the field of Flare and Relief Design software.

The alliance will help in the design and development of VMG's soon to be released Flare and Relief software program's ability to meet established work flow processes in the industry. It will also provide future opportunities to interface the industry standard Flaresim™ flare radiation software to VMG’s suite of software.

Softbits’ 30 years of experience in the development, marketing and support of their Flare and Relief Design software will assist VMG in achieving their goal of providing tools that help clients find the best solutions to their simulation challenges. In addition, the VMG offices in Canada and the Americas will provide support in the sales and marketing of Flaresim.

Virtual Materials Group, a Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta, develops process simulation software used by clients worldwide to model and optimize oil and gas processing facilities, forecast field production for field wide management and planning, pipeline integrity management studies as well as model pipeline networks in steady-state or transient mode. VMG’s software and services enable asset owners to model their entire asset from reservoir to plant on a single platform.

Softbits Consultants Ltd is a UK company based in Alton. It has over 30 years’ experience with all aspects of software programs used in Flare and Relief Design engineering, as well as significant experience in development and presentation of training courses in flare system design.

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