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Tips and Tricks: Refinery and Natural Gas Tabs in Material Streams 

By Herbert Loria - VMG Calgary

Information that can be used in Oil and Gas processes such as special physical properties, atom and molecular distribution and, family type analysis can be tracked down using Material Streams in VMGSim. This information can be found in two new tabs inside the Material Stream form: Refinery and Natural Gas.

Refinery Tab

The Refinery tab is available in any Material Stream when an oil assay is characterized in the active property package. The main purpose of this tab is to show oil distributions and special physical properties common to the Oil industry. If an oil assay is not present in the property package and the user wants to inspect the Refinery tab, it can be activated from the Settings tab:


The Refinery tab has 4 frames: Elemental Analysis, User Oil Distributions, PIONA Mass Analysis and Refinery Properties.


Elemental Analysis

The Elemental Analysis frame shows the distribution of the different atoms present in the components of a stream. The Elemental Analysis of a stream is calculated by means of the chemical formulas of its components. If the composition of a stream is known, the mass or mole fraction can be employed to calculate the mass or mole content of each element present in the stream based on the number of atoms of the elements in each compound and their atomic weight. The Elemental Analysis can be seen in Mass or Mole Content (Trace fractions) or Mass or Mole Flows (in the case that a flow is specified in the stream), as well as Water Free Content or Flows.


User Oil Distribution

The User Oil Distribution frame shows the bulk information from the Oil Characterization Content Curves that do not belong to an elemental distribution, for instance: Ash fraction, Aniline Point, Bromine Number, etc.

image007-0002.pngPIONA Analysis

The PIONA Analysis is the Paraffin, Iso-Paraffin, Olefin, Naphthene and Aromatic weight percent of the components present in the stream fluid.

image009-0002.pngRefinery Properties

The Refinery Properties frame shows the most common special properties that can be calculated in the Oil industry in mass and mole basis.


Natural Gas Tab

The main purpose of this tab is to show Natural Gas Special Properties and contents of some components. The Natural Gas tab will be automatically shown when the selected property package is APR for Natural Gas. If a different property package is active, the tab can be activated using a toggle in the Settings tab:


The Refinery tab has 3 frames: Natural Gas Properties, Component Content and Saturation.


Natural Gas Properties

The Natural Gas Properties frame shows bulk special physical properties that are based on the composition of the stream:


NGL Content

The Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Content (also known as Liquid Content or GPM) is a property that is calculated based on the definition of the hydrocarbon liquids (C2+ or C3+). This property can be also found in the Special Properties unit operation.

The NGL Content calculation is described in the Section 16 from GPSA Data Book 12th Edition (SI and Field Versions). The definition of this property is the volume of recoverable liquid hydrocarbons in a stream divided by the volume of gas. This calculation traditionally meant to apply to propane and heavier compounds (C3+) but is often used to include ethane (C2+). The units for this property are gal (US) / MSCF (Field) and m3 / e3Sm3 (SI). The definition of the hydrocarbon liquids can be set on the NGL Content Definition box:


Component Content

The Component Content tab shows the content of some compounds in a material stream; they are shown in units that are common to the Gas industry.



The Saturation tab shows different definitions of the Dew Point and Vapor Pressure for the Material Stream.



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