Simple Curves - Now in Steady State

When modeling rotating equipment, one usually must decide between fixing an operating point and trying to track down vendor-supplied curve data. Often, both of these alternatives are undesirable. Curve data may be hard to find, or even unavailable. And fixing an operating point is unrealistic if process conditions change—if a specific operating point can even be calculated to begin with.

We recognized this difficulty and have provided a solution—Simple Curves. Supply the design point of a compressor, expander, or pump and we will generate a full set of curves for you. As the process conditions change, the operating point will change as well, providing more realistic solutions with little-to-no extra work required by users. This feature was introduced in our dynamics engine and it proved so popular that we have now extended it to the steady-state engine as well. It is currently available in 11.0 beta builds.


To use this feature, check the “Use Simple Curve” box on the summary tab of any rotating equipment unit op, and then enter the design parameters in the Design Point frame.  


To visualize the generated curves, switch to the “Plot” tab.

The Simple Curves are even valid outside of the normal operating region—this allows modeling phenomena like reverse flow!



Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

Kyle Macfarlan, Dynamic Simulation Developer, VMG Houston

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