VMGSim 9.5 Release Highlights


The following added features and capabilities, along with an array of bug fixes, are just some of the updates included in the latest maintenance release.


Added a module for Loading emissions to the Tank Emissions utility

Added an overall emissions summary (flash, tank, loading) to the Emissions Manager


Added a Recycle tab when a recycle is being used - this tab can be used to configure tolerances per variable and also to view the status of the iteration variable.

Redesigned the convergence manager to expose more details related to the status of controllers and recycles.

Added a tab to the Flowsheet form called "Convergence Plot" - this tab contains graphical representation of the convergence of controllers and recycles. 


Faster thermodynamic calculations to improve performance

Set T and P profiles in pipes for initialization

Alternative hydrate calculations for faster performance

Unit Operations: 

Mixer - Added setting to ignore the streams with zero flow when calculating the outlet pressure based on the feed with the lowest pressure.

Claus Oxygen Calculator - Added air to flow ratio variables.

Multisided Heat Exchanger - Speed up to the calculations; this unit operation now includes a solver option that uses faster flash models while preserving the same accuracy as rigorous flash calculations. Typical cases may be sped up by a factor of 10.

Pipe Segment - Speed up when pasting big profiles of data to pipe (e.g. elevation profile).


Air can no longer be searched for as a single component - users are encouraged to add O2 and N2 separately but old cases with air as a component will still work.

A new version of the VMG Excel Add-In has also been added in this release.   


Contact your local support office for more information.

Registered web users can download VMGSim 9.5 here.

VMGSim 9.5 brochure

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