Symmetry 2018 Release Highlights

(Build 349)

This maintenance update of Symmetry includes several enhancements and bug fixes in different areas across the entire simulator. From usability to core technology, upstream to downstream, the Symmetry platform is consistently being improved upon by a relentless team that is committed to providing the best software in the industry. 

Here is a brief summary of the new features available in this mainenance update.

User Interface 
  • Added the Specifications Summary Tool
  • Case Pinner to "pin" simulation cases to the list of recent files
  • PFD now includes a richer list of shapes for valves and heat exchangers


Figure 1. Specifications Summary


Figure 2. Pinning to recent cases list

Thermodynamics and Characterization
  • A comprehensive review on the APR for Natural Gas 2 thermo model with improvements on predictions on typical hydrocarbon system found in midstream applications
  • Ability to stop the Oil Source while doing a regression
  • Enhancements to hydrocarbon solubility and water content in Amines package
  • Ability to choose the number of CPU cores to be used while running a simulation
  • Slug catcher sizing utility is now available in material streams and sinks - more information
  • The scheduler can now be created and modified through scripting


Figure 3. Slug catcher sizing


Figure 4. Scheduler in Dymanics engine

  • The Hydrotreater and CCR now include an option to run with a Reduced Order Model forspli second solution times in reactors with maintaining atom balances
  • Burner positioning option for Ethylene Cracker for enhanced accuracy in heat transfer calulations


Figure 5. Refinery model using reduced order models in the reactors


Figure 6. Burner locations in cracking reactor

Field Workspace
  • A wide variety of features focused on speeding up the process of configuring large networks based on shape files - Road/River bore utility, Shapefile attribute editing and well location entry in Lat/Long
  • Time step animation player


Figure 7. Field workspacewith GIS view showing colour coding by variable

Pipe Workspace
  • Ability to select absolute/relative elevation profile in pipe viewer
  • Dynamics support for flow calculator


Figure 8. Pipe viewer after a run with the dynamics engine



Figure 9. Looped gathering network

Flare Workspace
  • Added radiation limits to scenario manager when Flaresim link is enabled
  • Added Mechanical BP Limit field in relief valve, and support as a scenario constraint


Figure 10. Radiation calculations in Scenario Manager


Figure 11. Flaresim can be used independently or completely behind the Symmetry user interface of the Flare workspace

This is a brief summary of some of the new features available in this updated release of Symmetry. For more information on all of the available updates please contact your local support office.

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