Spring 2018 News & Events

May 4, 2018 Categories: Corporate Events Training Press News

Schlumberger completes acquisition of VMG Schlumberger has completed an acquisition of VMG—a privately owned software company specializing in process simulation and thermos-physical prop…

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VMG is pleased to Announce an Alliance with Softbits Consultants Ltd.

November 24, 2016 Categories: Corporate Press News Software Update

Virtual Materials Group (VMG) is pleased to announce the formation of a preferential working alliance with Softbits Consultants Ltd. This alliance was formed after both companies identified ma…

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PetroChina chooses VMG

April 21, 2015 Categories: Corporate Press News

VMG is pleased to announce it was chosen as a software and services provider for PetroChina in a 5 year agreement. A portion of the press release from PetroChina: "We are pleased that VMG wil…

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VMG Enhances Suite of Process Simulation Software with Rate-Based Technology

July 23, 2013 Categories: Press News

Best-in-class simulation technology for gas treating processes into VMG’s products CALGARY, Alberta - Virtual Materials Group (VMG), a global technology company that develops process sim…

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VMG Renews Partnership with PETRONAS

April 9, 2014 Categories: Press

CALGARY, Alberta — We are proud to announce the signing of an long term corporate software and services agreement with PETRONAS, the national oil and gas company of Malaysia and one of t…

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