Spring 2018 News & Events

May 4, 2018 Categories: Corporate Events Training Press News

Schlumberger completes acquisition of VMG Schlumberger has completed an acquisition of VMG—a privately owned software company specializing in process simulation and thermos-physical prop…

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Fall 2017 News & Events

September 8, 2017 Categories: Corporate Events Training Newsletter

We will be attending the SPE ATCE 2017 in San Antonio, TX from 9-11 October. Visit with Gord Slemko and James van der Lee in booth 934 to learn more about VMG Gasmod, our fully integrated r…

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Summer 2017 News & Events

June 16, 2017 Categories: Corporate Events Training News

VMG hosted a hospitality event at the 2017 GPA Midstream conference that was held April 9-12 in San Antonio, TX. It was a successful event and everyone who attended enjoyed our cryogenic cockt…

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Fall 2016 News & Events

September 7, 2016 Categories: Events Training News Newsletter

Register now to join us on September 15 for an introduction to VMG Gasmod webinar and learn about our fully-integrated gas reservoir & gathering system simulation software and how it can b…

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Summer 2016 News & Events

July 5, 2016 Categories: Corporate Events Training News

Along with presenting two papers, An Investigation of Buried Pipe Outer Heat Transfer Coefficient Correlations and A comparison of 43 gas-liquid point models in a low-liquid loading subsea…

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Spring 2016 News & Events

May 2, 2016 Categories: Events Training News

We will be presenting two papers, Overview & Benefits of Dynamic Sulfur Recovery Unit Modeling and Molecular Structure Modeling of Heavy Oil Thermal Cracking, at the RefComm® Galveston…

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Basics in Distillation Thermodynamics & Process Modeling

February 29, 2016 Categories: Events Training

Dr. Marco Satyro, board member and founder of Virtual Materials Group, will be speaking at the Basics in Distillation Thermodynamics & Process Modeling session at the upcoming AIChE Spring…

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Proud Partners of LNG Training Centre

May 25, 2015 Categories: Corporate Training News

The Australian Research Council recently awarded the University of Western Australia $4.6 million to establish and support the ARC Training Centre for Liquefied Natural Gas Futures. The traini…

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VMG Workshop: "Selecting the Best VMG Property Package for Xchanger Suite Applications."

April 25, 2014 Categories: Events Training Newsletter

Marco Satyro recently participated in a very successful HTRI training event
which took place in Lyon, France. Marco`s workshop focused on identifying and utilizing the correct VMG prope…

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VMGSim Training Course in Brazil a Big Success

July 10, 2014 Categories: Training News

On June 10th-11th, 2014, Raul Cota from VMG Calgary gave two VMGSim training courses in Sao Paulo, Brazil with VMG partner InnovaPro. Amid the 2014 World Cup celebrations and revelry, partici…

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