VMG Training Videos

VMG engineers have shared their knowledge and expertise by creating videos to assist you in getting the most out of your software. Here you will find a variety of short tutorials on How to Use VMGSim along with a comprehensive Modeling in VMGSim video.

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How to Use VMGSim

Authorizing a web license in VMGSim

Connecting an oil in VMGSim

Creating a recycle in VMGSim

Creating a phase map in VMGSim

Creating a hypothetical compound in VMGSim

Creating a PIONA slate in VMGSim

Characterizing a carbon number analysis with a PIONA slate

Characterizing a gamma distribution in oil environment 

Characterizing a carbon number analysis in oil environment

Creating a controller in VMGSim

Characterizing a TBP analysis in VMGSim oil environment

Modeling in VMGSim

Natural Gas Processing: How to build a generic GSP model using VMGSim

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