VMG Training Videos

VMG engineers have shared their knowledge and expertise by creating videos to assist you in getting the most out of your software.

Here you will find a variety of videos to help you get the most out of your software:

If you are looking for additional information you can find a complete list of papers and presentations written by VMG staff in our Technical Library

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How to Use the Symmetry Platform

Customizing unit sets in Symmetry

Connecting an oil in Symmetry

Creating a recycle in Symmetry

Creating a phase map in Symmetry

Creating a hypothetical compound in Symmetry

Creating a PIONA slate in Symmetry

Characterizing a carbon number analysis with a PIONA slate

Characterizing a gamma distribution in oil environment 

Characterizing a carbon number analysis in oil environment

Adding a controller in Symmetry

Characterizing a TBP analysis in Symmetry oil environment

Using the process calculator as a simulation interface in Symmetry

Creating a recombination unit operation in Symmetry 

Creating a case study in Symmetry

Customizing pipe geometry in Symmetry

Using the process calculator as a calculation tool in Symmetry

Creating a makeup unit operation in Symmetry

Depressurization of a pipeline in Symmetry

Using the historian and strip charts in Symmetry

Naptha cracking furnace tutorial

User Experience

Customizable workspace

Enhanced windows management

New windows list

Unit operation window improvements

Improved PFD shapes panel

 Refinery & Petrochemical Tutorials

Naphtha cracking furnace tutorial

HVGO hydrotreater tutorial

Accurately predicting Research Octane Numbers

Refinery modeling overview

 Modeling in VMGSim: Midstream / Gas Processing Series

Part 1: Natural Gas Processing: How to build a generic GSP model using VMGSim

Part 2: Natural Gas Processing: Expanding on the generic GSP model built using VMGSim in Part 1

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