Symmetry - Advanced Process Simulation


Course Description: 

Building upon the foundation learned in the basic Process Workspace training course, attendees will learn about the more advanced functionality of the Process workspace within Symmetry.

Areas of focus:

  • Detailed design of rotating equipment - pumps, compressors
  • Heat Transfer Equipment with detailed geometry - shell & tube, multisided, fired heater
  • Running a regression study
  • Distillation - detailed configuration
  • Introduction to Reactors – Conversion, Equilibrium, Gibbs
  • Utilizing the Optimizer tool
  • Transitioning from steady-state to dynamic simulations

Please note that prior attendance to the basic Process Workspace course is required since we will not be covering the basics of working within Symmetry (i.e. property package selection, flowsheeting, etc.).  

 Houston, TX 
October 9 - 10, 2019



To register for a course please provide your name, company, and preferred course date. 

Attendance is limited. Early registration is recommended. Laptops are required.

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