Symmetry Multiphase Flow Dynamics

Led by our senior upstream consultants, this course will take a deep-dive into Symmetry's ability to evaluate liquid drop-out, generate pigging schedules, evaluate slug catcher design and control strategies and more. Attendees will also gain a fundamental understanding of the mulitphase mechanistic flow models available within Symmetry.


This seminar will also investigate:

  • How to create integrated gathering system pipeline and facility models in Symmetry
  • Analyzing the hydraulic, thermodynamic, and heat transfer behavior associated with pipeline design and operation
  • How to simulate pipeline pigging and formulate a pigging schedule
  • How to evaluate turndown and future expected phase flowrates at the design stage
  • How to check both steady-state and transient scenarios for risks of Hydrate formation and possibility of line blockage
  • Simulation of highly-transient safety incidents such as controlled blowdown and uncontrolled rupture    
Houston, TX - May 13 - 14, 2020
Denver, CO - November 4 - 5, 2020



To register for a course please provide your name, company, and preferred course date. 

Attendance is limited. Early registration is recommended. Laptops are required.

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