Symmetry - Flare Workspace


Course Description: 

This course introduces attendees to the unparalleled capabilities of Symmetry Flare. With a single application engineers can now size relief devices, evaluate inlet piping and the header system, and analyze stack height along with the flare tip. 

We will also show how Flare can link seamlessly to Flaresim® for detailed radiation and dispersion calculations.

 Calgary, AB - June 17, 2020


Houston, TX - February 13, 2020
Tulsa, OK - April 9, 2020
Dallas, TX - June 4, 2020
Houston, TX - June 18, 2020
Houston, TX - August 6, 2020
Denver, CO - October 1, 2020
Tulsa, OK - October 15, 2020
Houston, TX - November 12, 2020



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Attendance is limited. Early registration is recommended. Laptops are required.

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