VMG Training Courses

VMG offers introductory, advanced and custom training courses on virtual process modeling throughout the year. They are attended by thousands of students and engineers from around the world.

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North America

Location Dates Type of Course
Calgary March 7 Introduction to VMGSim
Denver March 7-8 Introduction to VMGSim
Houston April 4-5 VMGSim Dynamics 
Tulsa May 9-10 Introduction to VMGSim 
Denver May 23-24 Introduction to VMGSim 
Calgary May 30 Introduction to VMGSim
Houston June 13-14 Introduction to VMGSim 
Houston July 25-26  VMGSim Dynamics
Denver August 8-9 Simulation and Analysis of Multiphase Flow Gathering Systems and Hydraulic Transients 
Calgary September 12 Introduction to VMGSim
Houston September 12-13 Introduction to VMGSim 
Denver September 26-27 Introduction to VMGSim 
Tulsa October 17-18 Introduction to VMGSim 
Houston November 7-8  VMGSim Dynamics
Calgary November 28 Introduction to VMGSim
Houston December 5-6 Introduction to VMGSim 



Natural Gas Processing Short Course

VMG is proud to offer a comprehensive course on the fundamentals of natural gas processing with the University of Calgary's Continuing Education Department. This five-day short course reviews the physical, chemical, and engineering principles used to understand the processing of natural gas and its by-products. 

For more information please email

Advanced VMGSim

This two-day course is designed for those who are familiar with using VMGSim and are interested in learning new modeling techniques and additional VMGSim features that will allow them to get more out of their simulation models. The course will cover material ranging from specific features in individual unit operations and a review of flowsheeting techniques to reporting features in VMGSim. Hands-on examples will be used to reinforce the concepts and demonstrate how the individual topics can be combined to build more advanced simulation models. Specific topics covered in the course will include:

  • Flowsheeting with Controllers and Recycles
  • Building GUIs using the Excel Unit Op
  • Tips on Converging Towers
  • Using Ports
  • Using selector blocks
  • Customizing Reporting Outputs

At the completion of the course, the attendee will have a deeper understanding of process simulation and will feel more comfortable tackling more advanced simulation problems. The cost for this two-day course is CAN $1,200.00 (plus 5% GST) and requires that you bring a laptop. It is highly recommended that attendees are familiar with the use of VMGSim. Email to register.



Webinar Schedule

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For questions regarding customized courses or off-site training opportunities, please contact our Calgary office directly. 


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