Symmetry Tips & Tricks


Density @ 60 F Curve in Oil Source

More Properties Tab in Symmetry

Direct Columns in Symmetry

Highlights of Symmetry's New UI


Column Builder Tutorial


Getting the Most from your VMGSim Case Studies

Use the VMG Excel Add-In to Generate an Equipment Datasheet Template


Easy Automation with VMGSim: Part 1

Using the Oil Database Tool


Making the Most of an Extended Gas Analysis

Shortcuts Using the Component Splitter

Estimating Heating Values for Gasification Waste-derived Feedstocks in VMGSim

Product Distribution Analysis in Distillation Curve Unit Operation

Refinery and Natural Gas Tabs in Material Streams

VMGSim PI integration with OSIsoft

Integration of VMGSim Dynamics with OLGA via OPC


Creating Oil Feeds using PIONA Characterization

Fitting the SARA Regular Solution Model to Asphaltene Precipitation Data in VMGSim

Create a Line Sizing Summary for Your Case

Characterization of Oils with the Minimum Amount of Data

New PFD Border and Information Shapes in VMGSim 7.0

Tower form - VMGSim 7.0


Copying Reactions in VMGSim 7.0

VMGSim 7.0 New Usability Features

Using the Claus Oxygen Calculator in Generic Combustion Applications

Use the Case Study to Manipulate and Read String Variables

Use VMGSim's COM Engineer to Populate Custom Datasheets

Use the Property Table to Visualize the Phase Map

Distillation Control Design - Selecting Candidate Stage for Temperature Control Scheme

Reporting Customization

Use Model Regression Tool to Adjust Hypothetical Components


Three Tips That Will Save You Time

Importing and Exporting a Property Package

New Process Calculator features in VMGSim 6.5

Create a Material Stream On the Fly


10 Ways to Open a Unit Operation Form


Copy/Paste Connection Now Inside VMGSim

Make the Most out of the Summary Sets

Making use of the Send Visio to Back Feature

Adding Units to the Unit Conversion Tooltip Form

Creating User Component Databases

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