Published Papers

Below is a list of externally written and published technical papers that reference VMG software.  

For a list of papers and presentations written by VMG staff please visit our Technical Library

 2016  Using Dynamic Simulation to Improve De-Ethanizer Plant Operation   G. Chen, R. Elliour, Joule Processing  GPA 2016
 2016  Modelling and Optimization of a Biomass-to-Liquid Process Using  VMGSim  R. Costanzi, Norwegian University of  Science  and Technology  NTNU
 2016  Dynamic Analysis of a Flare System for a Series of Multiple Failures  H. Chittibabu, S. Patil, J. Valappil,  Bechtel Oil &  Gas Chemicals Inc.  AIChE 2016
 2016  Acid Gas Relief Challenges in the Natural Gas Treatment Industry  B. Piggott, R. McKaskle, T. Kerr, A.  Ryan  Laurance Reid  Conditioning  Conference
 2015  Preparing for LNG: A Montney Gas Field Optimization Workflow  R. Holst  SPE/CSUR URC
2015  Simulation Workflow Optimizes Facility Design For Producing  Multiwell Pads  M.W. Conder, A.D. Schroer  The American Oil & Gas  Reporter
 2015  Above Ground Geothermal and Allied Technologies (AGGAT) Paving  the Research  B. Habib, N. Inskip  World Geothermal  Congress 2015
 2015  The Power of a Tuned SRU Dynamic Simulator  I.S. Mohammed, Sulfur Recovery  Engineering  Sour Oil & Gas  Advanced Technology  2015
 2014  SRU WHB Tube Rupture Modeling Insights Learned at BP Cherry  Point  S. Crockett, BP, A. Moore, Winward  Engineering, G. Jacobs, VMG  2014 Brimstone  Symposium  (Vail)
 2014  Application of Ionic Liquids for Gas Sweetening   S. Mortazavi Manesh  University of Calgary
 2013   Low Heat Power Generation System  K. Matsuda   Applied Thermal  Engineering
 2013  Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilization for Gas Engine  T. Ogawa  Energy and Power  Engineering
2013  Effects of Process Variables on Peak Relief Rates Estimated by  Dynamic Simulation for a Multiple Distillation Column System  J. Wilkins, D. Smith, Smith & Burgess  LLC  GPCS 2013
2012  Modular Fischer Tropsch for Wyoming Coal to Liquid Fuels   S. (Elango) Elangovan   Ceramatec 
2010  Debottlenecking a Refinery Fuel Gas Absorber   D. Remesat, M. Beshara  PTQ Revamps
2005  VMGSim: Revisiting the Cavett Problem   E.M. Rosen  EMR Tech Group
1999  Computer Optimization of Large Gas Reservoirs with Complex  Gathering Systems  R. Holst, L. Malowany, R. Kopjar  SPE ATCE


Client and Customer Testimonials

Dr. Rudi Stocker, P.Eng., Senior Engineer/Developer, Fekete Associates Inc.
"The numbers we're getting have exceeded our expectations for accuracy..."

"We made the right decision in going with Virtual Materials Group. The thermo package has both been easy to work with on a standalone basis and as a link into our applications. The numbers we're getting have exceeded our expectations for accuracy. VMG has been very responsive to problems, receptive to suggestions, and worked closely with us to resolve any issues. We are already seeing significant benefits to ourselves and our clients from the incorporation of this package in our software and we look forward to an ongoing collaboration with VMG."

Professor Yoshinori Hisazumi, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Osaka University
"Where VMGSim excels in comparison to other simulators is its user-friendly process calculator and unit operations."

"At Osaka University, we use VMGSim as an invaluable teaching tool to help students understand exergy design study. Where VMGSim excels in comparison to other simulators is its user-friendly process calculator and unit operations. I will continue to use VMGSim for exergy design study, which no doubt will help the next generation of process engineers find new ways to save energy."

Doug Mackenzie, P.Eng. General Manager, Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd.
"We installed VMGSim on every workstation and haven't looked back."

"Our engineers evaluated several process software packages but everyone was so impressed with VMGSim's features and user support that we stopped testing the others. We installed VMGsim on every workstation and haven't looked back."

Dan Villarreal, Senior Process Engineer
"For simulation performance, results, and price, check out VMG—you will be amazed."

"Say what you wish about the current leading brand of process simulation. At the end of the day, it boils down to performance, results and price. Using several gas processing models, I compared VMG simulation results against a couple of well known competitors, the differences were negligible or insignificant. VMG's simulation results are every bit as good as the competition. To remain competitive in today's economy virtually every engineering company has employed cost-cutting measures. VMG can help because they are priced to compete. For simulation performance, results, and price check out VMG, you will be amazed."

Girish S. Joglekar, President, Batch Process Technologies
"Versatile, rigorous, and exhaustive."

"The chemical engineering thermodynamic software components developed by VMG are versatile, rigorous and exhaustive. We were able to integrate them into our packages in a very short time and they've provided tremendous added value to our customers and end users. What impressed us the most was a well thought out plan for future enhancements and commitment to customer support."

Laurie Sibbald, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Principal, Recoup Resources Ltd.


"Working with VMGSim is easily the best experience that I have had in my career with any new technical software and support.”

"We have used VMGSim to answer a variety of questions related to accounting in the hydrocarbon production and processing business.  Learning to use it was an efficient undertaking and the support received from the people at Virtual Materials Group was responsive and always addressed the exact issue that was raised. Working with VMGSim is easily the best experience that I have had in my career with any new technical software and support.”

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