Tips & Tricks: VMGSim 7.0 New Usability Features

The tips and tricks section previews four new usability features that will be available in VMGSim 7.0. We will also be having a more detailed preview of VMGSim 7.0 during this week’s webinar. If you would like to try them out before VMGSim 7.0 is officially released please send an email to indicating you would like to become a VMGSim 7.0 beta tester.

Specify Case with Case Study Specs

The case study is an extremely useful tool to perform a variety of sensitivity studies on your VMGSim cases, whether it is running through hundreds of scenarios or only a hand full of specific cases. In some cases, it would be useful to drill deeper in the results that are collected in the case study by sending the values from a particular set of input values to the VMGSim case. This feature has been added to the case study form in VMGSim 7.0. Simply navigate to the Results tab in a case study that has been run and select the row that you would like to be set to the VMGSim case and then click on the Spec. in Flowsheet button. This will send the input variables in the selected row to the appropriate variables in the VMGSim case so you can see the results throughout the entire case rather than just the one that were recorded in the case study.


Tooltip Unit Configuration

It has always been possible to configure the Unit conversions that appear in a tooltip for a given property in VMGSim. However, as part of the enhancement to the unit set management tools in VMGSim 7.0 customizing the units that appear in a tooltip is easier than ever. For example, if you would like to add m3/day to the tooltip unit conversion for Std Liq Volume Flow, select the value in any form in VMGSim and then right click and select the Tooltip Configuration option.



Browse for the m3/d option in the tooltip configuration form select it and click OK.


Now when you hover over the Std Liquid Volume Flow Value the m3/d unit conversion will be included in the tool tip.


Right Click in a Unit Op Form to Add Variable to PFD Datasheet

In VMGSim it will be possible to add variables to PFD datasheets much more quickly by simply selecting the variable(s) in a unit operation form right clicking and then selecting the Add to PFD Datasheet option.


 This will result in either a new PFD datasheet being created with the selected variable(s) or having the selected variable being added to the existing PFD datasheet. 


Ability to Add Blank Lines to a Summary Set

There will be times where it is useful to have blank lines inserted into the output generated by a summary set. In VMGSim 7.0 we have added the ability to add Blank Lines to the summary set configuration by clicking the Blank button in the summary set variable selection form.


Summary Set Variable Selection Form


Please contact your local VMG office for more information. 

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