Tips & Tricks - Tower Form VMGSim 7.0

Auto-create Specifications from the Configuration Tab

Under the Configuration tab it is possible to enter tower specs by entering them into the appropriate value. For example, if you’d like to specify the std liquid volume flow rate in the condenser liquid simply expand the Details tab of the Draw frame and then type the desired spec value.


As soon as the Enter key is pressed the value will be entered into the tower as a specification. Notice that the value now appears as a specified value, and the number of Degrees of Freedom has been reduced. This feature is of particular value when dealing with towers with a large number of degrees of freedom.


Moving to the Spec/Estimates tab you will notice that the specs entered in the Configuration tab have also been added to the Specs and Monitored Variables section of the Spec/Estimates tab.


Create Specifications Directly in the Specs Section

The Specs and Monitored Variables section will allow you to add specifications directly (this is especially helpful if you cannot find the desired specs under the Configuration tab), and edit existing specs or delete them using the appropriate button. You can also convert a spec into a monitored variable by simply deleting the value of the spec.

Specify Display Units

Another useful feature of the Specs and Monitored Variables section is the ability to change units of each of the specs and monitored variables. For example, in the following figure the std liquid volume flow can be changed from ft3/s to bbl/day by clicking on the pull down menu and selecting bbl/day.



Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

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