Tips & Tricks: Three Tips That Will Save You Time

The powerful capabilities of VMGSim™ are well complemented with features that streamline the work flow for common tasks.

In this Tips and Tricks article I will describe three VMGSim’s features that will save you time on the daily operations. Once you discover these alternatives probably you won’t go back to the old way of doing these things.

Copy Connection/Paste Connection

Save time by using Copy Connection/Paste Connection instead of using the navigation form to connect variables inside VMGSim.

Using right click menus is not always the intuitive thing to do simply because you don’t know what is in there. Many of you may know that using Copy Connection/ Paste Connection is the standard way of connecting variables to our Excel® Unit Operation. Since VMGSim version 4.0, this feature has also been available for connecting variables between unit operations inside VMGSim.

Here is an example that shows how easy is to connect the OutQ of a Cooler to the InQ of a Heater by using Copy Connection/Paste Connection.




Auto Stream Tool

The auto-stream tool is great for adding streams on the fly and connecting them to unit operations at the same time. The button to enable the auto stream tool is located in the toolbar of the PFD window.


In this example I will use the auto-stream tool to add the missing material streams (Open the Ammonia Refrigeration manual example and remove S2, S3 and S4 to follow the example).


1. Click the Auto-Stream button to enable the feature.


2. Hover the mouse over the Out port of the compressor, note that a red square appears.


3. Press the left-button of the mouse and start dragging the stream towards the cooler. 


4. Without releasing the mouse button, hover the mouse over the In port of the cooler.


5. Release the mouse button.


6. S2 got created. Now, using hte same method, connect the other two missing streams.


Use the Tooltips on the PFD to Quickly Inspect Information of Unit Operations

Follow the flow of information with the PFD tooltips instead of opening the unit operation forms.

In the next version of VMGSim the PFD tooltips will be configurable. With this change, the users will have complete control over what information is displayed on the PFD tooltips.


Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

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