Tips & Tricks: New Symmetry User Interface


Symmetry, our process software platform, provides new tools and workflows to boost your productivity in a modern and engaging environment. This article will give a quick overview of the main workflows and highlight a few features that have been designed for fast and efficient model navigation. 


Overview of Symmetry's user interface

Main Workflows

Symmetry includes tools for customizing the simulation workspace and new ways for interacting with unit operation and material stream windows. You can explore the new workflows in our user experience videos.

Model Navigation Features
Simulation Search Bar

The simulation search bar allows users to quickly find material streams or unit operations by name or by path. 

To quickly access the simulation search bar, use the shortcut Ctrl+F anywhere in the simulator. This shortcut will show the search bar active and ready for user input.




The simulation serach bar is located in the simulation tree pane

Navigation Right-Click Shortcuts

The new right-click “Open” shortcut makes it easy to open the window of the connected simulation object. This feature is available for variables and material ports. To access this feature, simply right-click and select the option Open <Unit operation name> <Connected variable>.


Right-click on a connected variable to access this feature


Navigation to connections is available from process calculator cells


This feature is available from the schematic and material sections

Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

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