Tips & Tricks: Make the Most out of the Summary Sets

Using the Summary Set tool, VMGSim makes it easy to display, in tabular format, the most relevant information for a collection of objects. Displayed objects may include unit operations, streams, controller, or information unit operations.

When selecting variables, the user can customize their own display names, specific display units, and display format for each of the variables. Users can even store their customized data group and use it again later.


Use the Summary tool to pick and choose the variables of interest from your simulation and organize them into Summary Sets.

Summaries can be exported to Excel(R), Word(R) as well as the clipboard or printer.


Export Summaries to your own Word(R) Template. Pre-configure the table format from the Report Settings section.

For details, go to the VMGSim User Manual under Flowsheeting / Reporting 

What's New in VMGSim 5.0

In version 5.0, the summary sets expose the new Fluid object. From this object, all the equilibrium phases are available for data reporting. Also, a new expanded list of properties is available.


Included in VMGSim 5.0, we have added a new feature to allow the user to select the same property as many times as desired. Using this feature, the same property can be reported in different units at the same time. To activate it, simply check the "Allow Duplicates" checkbox.


 Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

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