Tips & Tricks - Making Use of the Send Visio to Back Feature

Besides being an invaluable tool for the construction of flowsheets the Visio PFD is also very useful for both summarizing process information as well as accessing unit operation forms. This is especially true when the PFD window is used as any other form. For example the following screen shot illustrates how a data sheet in the PFD can be used to keep track of a particular variable when a value in the case is changed.


The PFD can also be used to easily open up the desired form although when the PFD is selected to open the form of another unit operation the existing form will be covered up by the PFD form.



To easily view any forms that are covered by the PFD form, use the Send Visio to Back feature by either pressing the F12 key, right-clicking on the PFD background and selecting Send Visio to Back from the menu,


Or by clicking the on the tool bar.


Simply click on the PFD or click the button in the toolbar to bring the PFD form to the fore front again.


Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

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