Tips & Tricks: New Process Calculator Features in VMGSim 6.5

It has already been a year since we released the Process Calculator with VMGSim 6.0. The Process Calculator turned out to be a very popular tool; it’s really useful for implementing custom calculations in your flow-sheet and for creating live summaries of your process. In VMGSim 6.5, new features were added with the goal of improving your workflow.

In this edition of Tips and Tricks, I will describe the new features that are available in VMGSim 6.5. In addition, I will revise some of the quite handy capabilities that I haven’t seen used by users very often.

New Features
  • Insert and remove rows and columns. Right click on the header row or the index column to show this option. This feature provides flexibility for changing the layout of your Process Calculator.



  •  Spill test to adjacent cell if empty
  • Standard formatting shortcuts for Bold (CTRL + B), Italic (CTRL + I) and Underline (CTRL + U).
  • Bring formatting when doing Copy/Paste.
  • CellInfo function now supports “UnitOpName” to extract the name of the unit operation linked to any cell.
Handy Features from VMGSim 6.0
  • CellInfo Function. This function is designed to extract information from other linked cells in the same Process Calculator. The extracted information can be units, variable name, connection path, connected unit operation name.
  • In the following example all the cells in the Result column are extracting information from cell B3 which is linked to /H1.Delta T. Column C shows the formula that was used to extract the information.


  • Set cell units. Units can be specified in all linked cells. The units will be used to set the value in the desired units.
  • In this example all the linked cells are linked to the same variable and display the values in different units.


  • Notes. To add a note to a cell, select the cell and click the Notes button located in the formatting section and type the note in the pop up window. 



Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

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