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Have you ever been in a situation where you wander around the simulator looking for special properties like Octane Numbers, Heat of Vaporization or Exergy for your fluid? Do you want to quickly access information tools like Phase Envelopes, Property Tables or Oil Analyses? So, wait no more, Symmetry gathers all this information in one place: the new More Properties tab from the Material Stream unit operation.

This new tab is located in the Material Stream because apart of being the most common used unit operation of a simulator, it is also the first place where a user would look for a physical property. This new tab activates other specialized tabs that contain physical properties for specific applications like thermal processes, equilibrium calculations, or flow assurance.

More Properties Tab

The More Properties tab is located to the right of the Equilibrium Results tab from the Material Stream. It contains check boxes that represent different categories of physical properties, when selected, each box enables other tabs that contain properties belonging to that category.


The Emissions, Natural Gas and Refinery properties belong to previously existing tabs that used to be enabled from the Settings tab.

Phase Flows Tab

This tab can be used when looking for production and transport process properties. It contains Oil, Gas, and Water flows, liquid reference conditions and flow ratios like GOR, GLR and Water Cut.    


Phase Boundaries Tab

This tab contains Phase Equilibrium calculations like vapor pressures, bubble point, dew point, etc. If the user is interested in the phase behavior of the fluid, an Envelope unit operation can be connected to the Material Stream by just clicking on the Phase Envelope button. If an Envelope is already connected to the Material Stream, a link to open it will be shown.



Hydrocarbon Properties Tab

Properties related to hydrocarbons and oil fractions are shown in this tab, an Oil Analysis unit operation can also be connected to a Material Stream when the Oil Analysis button is clicked. If an Oil Analysis unit operation is already connected, a link to open it is shown.



Thermal Properties Tab

Thermal properties in different basis are shown in this tab.


Extended Properties Tab

Properties based on derivatives, ratios and with specific definitions are presented in this tab. A Property Table unit operation can be connected to the Material Stream if the Property Table button is used. If a Property Table unit operation is already connected to the Material Stream, a link to open the table is shown.



Solids Formation Tab

Properties related to Hydrates, Waxes and Active Solids are in this Tab. Envelope and Hydrate unit operations can also be added here, if the Envelope or Hydrate buttons are clicked.

Formation Warning messages can be enabled for the different types of solids to alert the user when the temperature of the stream is close to the formation temperature.


Herbert Loria, Ph.D, P.Eng., VMG Calgary 

Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

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