Tips & Tricks: Integration of VMGSim Dynamics with OLGA via OPC

This document summarizes the implementation of an integration between OLGA and VMGSim Dynamics using VMGSim’s OPC built in capabilities. The same methodology can be used to integrate with other third-party software.

OLGA* is a dynamic multiphase flow simulator that models time-dependent behaviours to maximize production in upstream systems. OLGA models process conditions such as slugging, pigging, shutdown, and start-up1.

Benefits of VMGSim Dynamics – OLGA integration:
  • Increase overall production. Study upstream and facilities models simultaneously. Improve process design and controllability of facilities.
  • Increase engineering productivity. Leverage from your existing VMGSim’s or OLGA’s models.


Figure 1.  Representation of an integration between an OLGA upstream model and a VMGSim model. 


Implementation Overview: 
  • OLGA models the upstream gathering system. 
  • VMGSim models the production and processing facilities. 
  • VMGSim’s OPC Client connects to OLGA’s OPC Server. • The synchronization algorithm is implemented in VMGSim’s OPC Client. This algorithm is used to synchronize the integrators of both simulators and transfer process information at the boundaries at a defined frequency. 
  • OLGA’s model runs with a specified pressure at its downstream boundary. The pressure is provided by VMGSim and is updated at a defined frequency. Based on this pressure OLGA estimates the flow of the model. 
  • VMGSim’s model uses mass flows per phase and temperature estimated by OLGA as inputs at its upstream boundary. Based on these conditions VMGSim estimates the pressure of the model. 
  • Derivatives of flows with respect to pressure are passed from VMGSim to OLGA to increase stability. 


Figure 2.  Flow of information in an upstream connection between OLGA and VMGSim. 


Luis R. Duhne, Simulator Software Developer, VMG Calgary

Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

1 Information extracted from document “OLGA Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulator” by Schlumberger

OLGA is a trademark of Schlumberger

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