Tips & Tricks: Use the VMGSim Excel Add-In to Generate an Equipment Datasheet Template

The VMGSim Excel Add-In, included as part of the VMGSim 9.5 installation package, was developed with the goal of increasing user productivity by automating the process of data extraction.

This Add-In provides streamlined tools to interact with simulation models directly from Excel®. Simulation data can be extracted and linked to any Excel Workbook, making it available to templates such as equipment sizing-sheets or custom reports. In addition, live simulation models can be linked to tailored Excel interfaces.

This example describes the steps to link an equipment datasheet template to a VMGSim simulation model. This example produces the datasheet shown below in Figure 5.

The datasheet shown in this example can also be used as a custom interface where export variables can be edited directly from cells that are part of the datasheet.

This example was produced using VMGSim 9.5 and VMGSim Excel Add-In v1.0.12


Figure 5. Overview of an Equipment datasheet linked to a simulation case via the VMGSim Excel Add-In. 

1. Open the manual example Documentation\Manual Examples\Heat Exchange\VMGSimRatingCase1.vmp 

2. Export the API660 report from the Hx1. Close the VMGSim simulation case.   


3. Link the Add-In to the same simulation example VMGSimRatingCase1.vmp


4. Add four colums to make space for the variables list link.


5. Add an empty Variable List Link to cell A3.




6. Make VMGSim visible.


7. Go to the report tab of hx1 and use the Copy Path feature to copy the path of all the variables used in the data sheet to populate the variables list. 



8. Click update to bring the values from the linked simulation case.


9. Use simple Excel formulas to link cells in the datasheet to cells in the variables list table.


10. Assemble variable paths based on a reference cell.


11. Convert seleted variables to export cells. 




 Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

Luis R. Duhne, Simulator Software Developer, VMG Calgary

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