Tips & Tricks: Create a Line Sizing Summary for Your Case

The line sizing utility from the material streams provides a convenient way to calculate the line size based on dP/100 ft or velocity. In addition, the line sizing utility can back calculate the pressure drop based on a specified inner diameter. This feature has been available in Steady State’s previous versions and recently added to Dynamics in VMGSim 7.0.


Note: The line sizing utility uses the same Colebrook pressure drop correlation available in the pipe segment operation. So, it is only suitable for single-phase material streams. For two-phase streams, the use of pipe segments is recommended.

The flexibility provided by the summary sets, combined with the line sizing utility, allows you to generate a line sizing summary for all of the material streams in your model efficiently.

The following steps show how to set up the line sizing summary. The manual example “MDEA example.vmp” is used for this tutorial.

  • Create a summary set of with all the Material Streams (Reporting > Summary Sets)


  • Click on the button “Select Variables” and clear the selected variables


Note: The In port of the material stream is selected. Material Streams show the contents of the In port by default to make the process of adding fluid properties more efficient. 

  • Select Material Stream from the selection tree and then select the line sizing variables from the Available items list


  • Press OK and Check the activate line sizing box of each stream to get calculate its line size


  • To automate this task in the future, you can save a data group with the selected variables and use it next time


Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

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