Tips & Tricks: Create a Material Stream on the Fly

Often times, when building a simulation, it is faster to add the Unit Operations and then connect them with Material Streams. VMGSim allows you to do just this from the Connection Box of any Unit Operation form.

When you have a Unit Operation form open and you need to create and connect a Material Stream to one of the material ports there is no need for going back to the PFD.

From the connection box of a Unit Operation form it is possible to create a Material Stream with any name you want, and then open the form the newly created stream by simply double clicking on the material port column header.

Take, for example, a fully specified Cooler Unit Operation with no Material Streams connected to it.


To create Hot and Cold streams just type the name in the appropriate connection boxes as shown below.


See the final result on the PFD:


To open the forms of the newly create Material Streams double click on the "In" or "Out" column headers.

This method of adding Material Streams is very useful when dealing with towers. In this example, by typing “Pentane” on the connection box of the draw of the stage #10 a Material Stream will be created and connected to the desired material port.


Once again, the result on the PFD looks just as if the new Material Stream had been dragged and dropped and then renamed.


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