Tips & Tricks: Copy / Paste - Connection Now Inside VMGSim

VMGSim continues improving the user experience. With the new Copy/Paste - Connection feature, connecting variables had never been so fast and easy. This new feature added in VMGSim 5.0, really improves the workflow for extended and complex simulations. 

Imagine you want to control a valve, now instead of browsing through the navigation form, just go to the valve form right click on %Opening and select Copy Connection and then go to the Controller form  and right click on OP and click on Paste Connection /V1.%Opening


This feature also works with variables that are not shown in the navigation form, such as profiles as shown in the next image where a group of variables from a pressure profile are pasted onto the three inputs of a selector block. Note that all the target fields should be selected when pasting a connection on a group of variables.


Use the right click menu to add a variable to a Case Study.

A similar feature as the Copy/Paste Connection, the Add to Case Study right click menu item has been integrated in to VMGSim 5.0, with this feature you can add variables to a case study without using the navigation form.

When the Case Study form is open, right click on any variable and select Add to Case Study.


After the option is clicked a pop up window will appear, in order to select if it is a dependent or independent variable. This feature can be used for profiles as well.


Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

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