Tips & Tricks: Adding Units to the Unit Conversion Tooltip Form

You may have noticed that when you hold the mouse point over a cell that contains a value in VMGSim a tooltip will appear that contains a number of different unit conversions.


The following procedure shows you how to add items to this unit conversion tooltip.

Begin by selecting Unit Sets from the Tools menus:


 This will bring up the Unit Sets management form:


Note the different units for pressure contained in all of the Unit Sets for Pressure: Pa, psia and kPa.

Clone an existing unit sets by clicking the Clone unit set ... button, in this case let us clone the Field Unit Set calling the new unit set Field2.


Click the OK button, this will create a new unit set Field2 to the right of the available Unit Sets. Select the pressure row under the Field2 column.


 Now select atm from the pull down menu.


Note the different units listed for pressure in all of the Unit Sets: Pa, psia, kPa and atm. Finish adding the Field2 Set by clicking the Ok button.

Click yes in the first dialogue box that appears and No to the second.

Click Yes for the following to add the new Field2 unit set:


Click No when asked if you would like to change the active Unit set to the newly created Field2 Unit Set.


Note the addition of atm in the unit conversion tool tip now.


VMGSim will monitor all of the units for a particular unit type and use this when constructing the unit conversion tooltips. This can be done for any of the unit types in VMGSim.

For example:




As with default Unit Sets, once a new Unit Set has been added you can also easily make it your active Unit Set by selecting it from the Unit Set pull-down menu in the upper right hand corner of the VMGSim window.


Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

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