Tips & Tricks: 10 Different Ways to Open a Unit Operation Form

Depending on what you are doing sometimes it is handy to have another way of opening a unit operation form other than the simple double-click on a PFD shape.

From the PFD

There are 4 ways to open a unit operation form from the PFD, 3 of them correspond to any unit operation, and one is exclusive for the Flowsheets and Sub Flowsheets.

  • Double-Click on the PFD shape - this is the most common method.


  • Click the RETURN key while a unit operation or stream shape is selected.


  • Right click on a PFD shape and select 'Open Form'.


  • Right click on the PFD background to get the right click menu of the Flowsheet or Sub Flowsheet and select 'Open Form'.


From the Simulation Tree

Sometimes it is faster to find a unit operation or stream in the simulation tree. 

  • Double-click on the unit operation  or stream name.
From the Material Frame of any Unit Operation

When have a unit operation or stream form open and you want to open the form of one of the connected objects there is no need to go back to the PFD.

  • Double-Click on the material port name to open the connected object (in the figure shown In will open the form of ToReheater and Out will open the form of To_Bed).
From the Summary Sets Form

Imagine you have a nice summary of unit operations and you want to inspect one of them further without adding more variables to the current summary.

  • Double-Click on the name of the unit operation (Header of each column).


From the Project Report Form

Ideal for cases where you forget what information is contained in each data block, or when you forgot to add one profile to any of the unit operations.

  • Double-click on the name of a stream or unit operation when they are in the Selected Items section.


 From the Depressuring Assistant

You can open the forms of the equipment that is part of your depressuring system without having to go to the PFD.

  • Click on the blue font cells with the name of the unit operations for the main Depressuring section.


  • Right-click and select 'Open Form' on the header of each column.


Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

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