Symmetry Dynamics Training

Course Description:

The Dynamics course is a fast-paced, hands-on course where attendees receive in-depth instruction in dynamic model building and application of dynamic simulation in Symmetry.  This course will provide attendees with a fundamental understanding of dynamic simulation and key differences from typical steady-state analysis. You will also learn the best workflow for converting steady-state models into dynamics, as well as building dynamic models from scratch including distillation columns, control strategies, and blowdown studies.     

Areas of Focus:

  • Understanding the dynamic simulation solution method
  • Best practice specifications, guidelines and rules
  • Unit operations – Dynamic models for commonly used unit operations, i.e., exchangers, compressors, pipes, pumps, separators, turbo-expanders, etc.
  • Depressuring studies including fire cases
  • Valves – Dynamic models for control valves and relief valves, including actuator dynamics, two phase relief and choked flow
  • Hydraulic Modeling in Symmetry Dynamics
  • Pipeline/gathering network pigging/slugging
  • Compressor Train modeling
  • Controller functionality, general discussion on tuning
  • Distillation column dynamics, configuring columns and controls
  • Transitioning models from Steady state to Dynamics, initializing models
  • Dynamic flare network modeling for relief/blowdown scenarios
  • Dynamic plant models (eg. cryogenic gas plants, amine & glycol units, sulfur recovery units) allowing control system analysis, operational studies, virtual plant startups, plant shutdowns, malfunctions, scenarios, etc.
  • Specialized unit operations – Selector block, Event Scheduler for automated scenarios, Cause & Effect Matrix, etc. 
Denver, CO
August 14 - 15



To register for a course please provide your name, company, and preferred course date. 

Attendance is limited. Early registration is recommended. Laptops are required.

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