Working with Multiple Workspaces in Symmetry


Symmetry, our process software platform, provides tailored workspaces for simulation models, including processing facilities, pipe networks and flare systems. Each flowsheet in a simulation model can be set to work in one of these workplaces. This article demonstrates how to manage multiple workspaces in Symmetry.


Workspaces Summary

Symmetry provides tools and organization of PFD shapes specific to each workspace.  The Flare and Pipe Ribbon tabs are only visible when the current simulation case contains at least one flowsheet using the Flare or Pipe flowsheet types respectively. The PFD shapes are filtered and organized based on the workspace of the active flowsheet. 

VMGSim (Process)
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Rigorous dynamic and steady-state multiphase pipe network for complex and looped networks.


All-inclusive relief system analysis with integrated PSV, network header and stack design.


Setting the Workspace to the Current Flowsheet

The PFD toolbar shows the workspace assigned to the current flowsheet. The engine type can be specified through the workspace selection dropdown.


The workspace can also be accessed from the flowsheet window.


Creating a New Flowsheet with a Specific Workspace

Flowsheets with specific workspace can be added by simply drag and dropping one of the workspace flowsheet from the Flowsheets shapes group. The new created flowsheet will include the settings necessary to work with the specified workspace.


Setting a Default Workspace for Main Flowsheet

 When accessing Symmetry for the first time, the default workspace for the main flowsheet can be specified in the user personal preferences window.


The default flowsheet type can be set at any point from the settings window. This can be accessed from the start page or from the tools ribbon tab.


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