Shapefile Import and Network Connection Tool in VMG Gasmod


A powerful feature in VMG Gasmod that expedites model creation is the ability to import AccuMap® Shapefiles of user defined gathering systems. The Network Connection Tool was developed to aid the user in ensuring the Shapefile pipe segments are connected correctly. 

This article provides the user the steps to import AccuMap® Shapefiles into VMG Gasmod and run the Network Connection Tool.  

Acquisition of AccuMap® Shapefile
  • In AccuMap®, query for the desired gathering system. This can be done through a multitude of criteria such as operator, fluid, pipe spec, license information, etc. AccuMap® will give the user the option of saving the query as a pipe list. Do so.


  • Go to the Export Manager, click on the Shapefile tab, select the desired pipe list, and save the Shapefile. 


  • AccuMap® exports Shapefiles in NAD27 and NAD83 formats, VMG Gasmod supports both.


Import Shapefile into VMG Gasmod
  • Open a new project in VMG Gasmod specifying the desired reservoir type, project name, production start date, etc, and enter the well list for the asset.  




  • Go to the GIS tab in the left navigator window and ensure the UTM zone and Datum are set to match your data.


  • Go to File - Import Data – Pipe License to bring up the Import window.



  • Browse to the Shapefile and select it.



  • Select the desired pipe segments and assign to a pipe group if desired. Click Import and the pipe segments will appear.



  • Go to Data - Gathering System - Pipe Segment and EQVL to inspect and validate the pipe data.



Run the Network Connection Tool
  • Very often not all pipe segments are connected within a Shapefile. This can be a nightmare if 100’s or 1000’s of segments are imported. Additionally, the wells need to be connected to the pipelines. The Network Connection Tool locates, lists, and allows for automatic and manual connection of unconnected wells and pipe segments.



  • Go to Design- Network Connection Tool and enter a radius around the unconnected nodes to search for another unconnected node (well or pipe). The list of unconnected well and pipe nodes are visible in the window.


  • Wells should be connected first. Do so by selecting the unconnected wells you want to connect and then click “Connect Wells”. 


  • For wells left unconnected, the user can click on the appropriate row and be zoomed in to inspect. At this point, the radius to make a connection can be increased or manual connection to the pipeline can be done. When a connection is made, the well or pipe no longer appears on the list.


  • Once the wells are connected to the user’s satisfaction, the procedure can be repeated for pipelines.


Importing a Flat Shapefile
  • Flat Shapefiles (Shapefiles that contain no pipe info other than the location) can be imported and then traced over to create the gathering system. Go to File - Import - Shapefile, browse to the Shapefile, and click “Open”.  



  • The Shapefile will be imported and the user can trace over it using “Add network pipes” to create pipe segments and then populate the data. 


Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

Gordon Slemko, P.Eng., VMG Calgary

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