VMGSim Excel Add-In Highlights and Applications

The VMGSim Excel Add-In, included as part of the VMGSim 9.5 installation package, was developed with the goal of increasing user productivity by automating the process of data extraction.

This Add-In provides streamlined tools to interact with simulation models directly from Excel®. Simulation data can be extracted and linked to any Excel Workbook, making it available to templates such as equipment sizing-sheets or custom reports. In addition, live simulation models can be linked to tailored Excel interfaces.

In this article you will find highlights, some ideas of applications as well as an application example with a step-by-step guide on how to link your simulation data to an Excel template. 

  • Extract information directly from Excel without writing any lines of code
  • Reuse templates by linking to other simulation cases
  • Use built in tools to browse for variables or update list of variables directly in the worksheet
  • Change linked unit operations by using simple excel formulas to create variable paths
  • Validation report to verify if variables exist in the linked simulation case
  • Create Summary Tables links with a similar interface as Summary Sets in VMGSim
  • Update commands can be invoked from VBA code
  • Custom Reports to extract valuable information
  • Equipment datasheets that can be shared with vendors, clients or across departments
  • Calculation worksheets to incorporate in-house know-how
  • Tailored Interfaces to drive simulation models
VMGSim Excel Add-In Overview

The Add-In provides tools to easily extract information from VMGSim cases. It also enables you to drive simulations from Excel and interact with simulation models without having to open VMGSim or having to write any lines of code.

The Add-In allows easy creation of tables and templates that can be reused with simulation cases that contain similar models.

Documentation on how to install the Add-In and a detailed description of its features is located in the Excel Add-In folder inside VMGSim’s installation folder C:\Program Files (x86)\VMGSim\Excel Add-in

The two main ways of interacting with the Add-In is through a ribbon or through the right click menu. The figures below show some of the main features and functionality provided.


Figure 1. VMGSim Add-In overview - provides tools to create, edit and update links to simulation models.



Figure 2. Built-in tools allow you to browse for simulation variables.



Figure 3. View of a variables list link - this link allows the creation of vertical tables that show a list of variables along with their value and units. Linked variables can be defined as imports or exports.



Figure 4. View of a summary table link - this link allows the creation of tabular summaries similar to summary sets.

 Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

Luis R. Duhne, Simulator Software Developer, VMG Calgary

For a step-by-step example on how to use the VMGSim Excel Add-In to generate an equipment datasheet template please visit our Tips & Tricks section.

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