GASMOD - Integrated Upstream Software Coming Soon

Virtual Materials Group recently acquired the upstream gas reservoir and gathering system simulation software product suite from PHH Engineering Software Ltd. Included as a part of this acquisition was their flagship software, GASMOD.

GASMOD is a fully integrated gas reservoir/multi-phase pipeline simulator, capable of modeling large and small gas assets very quickly. The simulation of complex pipeline systems (with or without liquids), vertical and/or horizontal wells, 3D reservoirs, and simple tanks are all possible in one stand-alone model.   

We have incorporated VMGThermo capabilities into this software allowing energy balance for flowing temperature calculations to be made. Integration with VMGSim is currently underway which will provide a simulation solution encompassing the entire hydrocarbon flow path from reservoir through the processing plant. This will allow users to rigorously simulate and optimize assets through the upstream, midstream, and downstream stages. 


Figure 1. Map view of complex gathering system evaluated with GASMOD.

Additional capabilities include flow splitting, line looping, parallel/series compression, multiple delivery points, and injection/withdrawal scenarios. The drag-and-drop pipeline design feature and on-screen GIS coordinate referencing system allow the user to build surface network systems quickly and accurately. Its speed in both model set-up and solver allows the user to focus their time evaluating development options rather than model building.  


Figure 2. Multi-segment pipeline cross section displaying gas velocity and liquid holdup.

Key Model Applications Include:

Gas Field Evaluations

  • Shallow, tight, shale, or conventional gas exploitation
  • Gas storage (cyclic injection and production)
  • Combination exploitation with gas storage
  • Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM)

Oil Field and Multiphase Evaluations (requires GCOMP multiphase reservoir simulator)

  • Coal bed methane
  • Gas condensate
  • Volatile oil
  • Black oil
  • Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM)


A selection of the benefits and differentiators include:

  • Forecasting - Multiple development scenarios can be forecast and compared to each other directly within the software quickly and easily.
  • Gridded reservoir simulation - The power of a gridded reservoir simulator is fully integrated with the wellbore and pipeline system and can capture reservoir transients that tank models can’t.
  • Fully integrated - No requirement for additional software to connect gathering system to a reservoir simulator.
  • Speed – Model construction workflow and the solver are designed to expedite the evaluation of large fields.  Hence, evaluations and forecasts can be generated in a fraction of the time compared to other software.
  • Rapid pipeline and wellbore calibration - Partially automated pipeline and wellbore calibration system allows quick tuning of large gathering systems.
  • Event scheduling - Easy to understand scheduling and time stepping features help the user create and reconcile scenarios quickly.
  • Data import/export - Data can easily be imported from 3rd party and regulatory databases to expedite model construction.  Results can be viewed within the software and exported to other programs for further analysis (economics, for example).

The development plans are very exciting and VMG looks forward to bringing its clients a full field, integrated solution for optimizing their assets from “cradle to grave”. 

Please contact your local VMG office for more information.

Gordon Slemko, P.Eng., VMG Calgary

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