Shale Fluid Characterization

Rich gas and associated liquids often contain a higher proportion of heavier hydrocarbons. Extended analyses are an important way to capture composition data from the field, especially of the heavier hydrocarbons, and quantify the sample by carbon number to C30 and above. Conventional characterization methods typically assume the fractions listed in an analysis are paraffinic or lump heavier hydrocarbons into one hypothetical component. These methods are limited in their ability to predict fluid properties such as vapor pressure and density after the sampled fluid is combined with other streams or processed.

VMGSim’s new PIONA based characterization method maximizes the value of extended analyses by using the data to populate a common PIONA matrix based on carbon number and chemical structure without additional analysis. VMGSim can use the matrix to track fluid composition and properties as streams are blended, processed and separated.


The VMGSim Oil Source translates extended analysis data to populate a common PIONA composition matrix with a representative composition by regressing the chemical structure using bulk property data from the analysis. VMGSim uses this matrix to predict phase behavior, density, heating value, shrinkage and other properties of the bulk material and fractions after combination or separation. The composition and properties can then be tracked throughout the field and facilities without additional analyses.

The single, common PIONA composition matrix allows a scalable basis to create models that range from a single unit to an integrated field simulation.

VMGSim’s comprehensive process modelling software together with the PIONA composition matrix are at the core of VMG-F.A.C.T.S. to form a system that tracks composition and fluid properties from every well head to sales capturing the varied and changing oil and gas seen in the field.

VMG invites you to send us your extended gas analysis. We will contact you to present the results of our PIONA based characterization tool, free of charge. Send your extended gas analysis to and don't forget to include your contact information. See how VMGSim can work for you and be the best at predicting your field data! For more information on how PIONA characterization and VMG-F.A.C.T.S. can benefit you, visit our YouTube channel or contact our sales department today.

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