Full Refinery Simulation

A comprehensive, robust full refinery simulation containing rigorous reactors such as CCR, FCC, Hydrotreaters, Hydrocracker and Delayed-Coker along with the latest reactor developments and upgrades is now part of VMGSim’s full refinery solution.

This full refinery simulation is a public case based off of literature and includes:

  • 14 fractionation columns
  • 3 rigorous preheating furnaces
  • 4 Hydrotreating units
  • Rigorous catalytic FCC unit, CCR unit, and HCC unit
  • Rigorous thermal delayed coking unit
  • Sulfur, Nitrogen, and Metals heteroatomic inclusion
  • Report Summary unit with overall and sulfur specific mass balance tracking


The features involved in this comprehensive simulation are as follows:

  • Reaction kinetics based on PIONA molecular structure modeling to handle any carbon number range reaction set: light end, naphtha, kerosene, diesel, gas oil, vacuum gas oil, reformate, gasoline, coker gasoline, atmospheric residue, and vacuum residue
  • Flexible Catalytic/Thermal kinetics adjustment via PIONA tuning variables and mechanistic tuning variables provide an opportunity for refining client’s to match each reactor’s performance including temperature and products yields with plant/experimental data.
  • The simulation is atomic balanced at any point in the reactive flowsheet 
  • Ability to consider your improved catalyst by connecting modified catalyst properties to PIONA kinetic reaction pathways via Flowsheet based calculations to obtain desired results
  • Rigorous catalyst activity model for a variety of types of catalysts and feedstocks 
  • Optimized flowsheet performance with the VMGSim Regression and Optimization tools 
  • Flexible VMGSim Case Study tools to complete sensitivity studies on variables 
  • Providing Distillation Curve, Oil Analysis, Product PIONA Distribution of any material streams in the flowsheet
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