Symmetry Platform's Refinery


The advanced functionality and powerful capabilities of Symmetry platform's Refinery provides a comprehensive modeling solution to address the complex needs of our refining clients. Our technology allows users to fill gaps in their existing processes using our unprecedented, predictive modeling capabilities on a unit or enterprise-wide basis. This advanced technology also allows you to make use of any data from your production facility to be able to tune and refine your models. 

Symmetry platform's Refinery is powered by our innovative PIONA based molecular structure modeling (paraffins, iso-paraffins, olefins, naphthenes and aromatics) engine. This unique approach uses a chemical family structure-based characterization with a rigorous reactor basis designed to provide the framework for predictive modeling from a property estimation basis as well as being able to investigate the intricacies of reactor configuration details on the performance of the reactor unit. This allows for a single component slate to be used across multiple refinery units, both reactive and non-reactive, enabling multi-unit refinery evaluations. The combination of these leading edge models empowers the simulation of complex plants containing multi-integrated units within a single, flexible flowsheet.

Empowering  Refinery  Reactors Simulation

  • Reaction kinetics based on PIONA molecular structure modeling to characterize any carbon number: light end, naphtha, kerosene, diesel, gas oil, vacuum gas oil, reformate, gasoline, coker gasoline, atmospheric residue, and vacuum residue
  • The simulation is atomic balanced at any point in the flowsheet 
  • Flexible catalyst kinetic adjustments to change product yields and properties to match plant data for specific catalyst performance
  • Rigorous catalyst activity model for a variety of types of catalysts and feedstocks 
  • Optimized flowsheet performance with the Symmetry platform regression tools 
  • Flexible case study tools to investigate the effects of variables 
  • Providing distillation curve and product distribution of any stream in the flowsheet


Symmetry platforms's Refinery, with its comprehensive suite of refinery units, is the tool you need to improve your bottom line by providing accuracy to planning and process models that increase plant efficiency and profitability, answering design challenges, and safely running operations.

Symmetry Refinery Overview Brochure

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