Partners & Alliances

QSoft Solutions Ltd.

Virtual Materials Group (VMG) is pleased to announce the formation of a joint product and marketing alliance with QSoft Solutions Ltd.

QSoft produces QPlant, a cost estimating package for the process industry. QPlant has been designed to work with VMGSim to create a powerful solution to quickly predict accurate costs that will optimize your investments.

QSoft’s 40 years of experience with cost estimating and construction provides VMGSim with a rigorous approach to early-stage cost estimating that facilitates a significant improvement in strategic decisions with improved knowledge of long term financial implications for investments made today.

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Softbits Consultants Ltd.

Virtual Materials Group (VMG) is pleased to announce the formation of a preferential working alliance with Softbits Consultants Ltd.

This alliance was formed after both companies identified major synergies in their respective development in the field of Flare and Relief Design software.

The alliance will help in the design and development of VMG's soon to be released Flare and Relief software program's ability to meet established work flow processes in the industry. It will also provide future opportunities to interface the industry standard Flaresim™ flare radiation software to VMG’s suite of software.

Softbits’ 30 years of experience in the development, marketing and support of their Flare and Relief Design software will assist VMG in achieving their goal of providing tools that help clients find the best solutions to their simulation challenges. In addition, the VMG offices in Canada and the Americas will provide support in the sales and marketing of Flaresim.

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Haverly Systems, Inc.

Haverly Systems provides process industries worldwide with a complete line of decision support systems.

We provide real solutions to everyday situations, ensuring profitable, low-cost operational decisions. Since 1962, our systems have been essential to the optimum operations planning, scheduling, and economic forecasting of our software users. Haverly continues to anticipate the needs of the industries we support through continued development of high-quality software.

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Sulfur Recovery Engineering

The partnership between Sulphur Recovery Engineering (SRE) and Virtual Materials Group (VMG) has made VMGSim the best available Sulphur Recovery Unit modeling/simulation tool.

SRE is a company founded in 1998 in Calgary, Alberta. Since then, SRE has been performing on-site services for the sulfur recovery industry worldwide. The sulfur model available in VMGSim has been built with over 15 years of real, accumulated, field-data provided by SRE. In turn, SRE uses VMGSim to model their clients SRU's.

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We are pleased to announce an agreement with Kongsberg to enable the integration of LedaFlow point pressure drop models with our comprehensive process simulation software, VMGSim.

Developed by Sintef, ConocoPhillips, Total and Kongsberg, the LedaFlow models are mechanistic 2 and 3 phase pipeline pressure drop models that operate similar to OLGAS. The LedaFlow point models will allow you to estimate liquid volume fractions, pressure gradient and flow regimes at a single point in a pipeline based on local conditions.

VMG recognizes the importance of understanding multiphase behavior to assure a reliable operation of complex production systems. We are proud to be one of the first process simulators to provide LedaFlow as an option.

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LNG Training Centre

The Australian Research Council recently awarded the University of Western Australia $4.6 million to establish and support the ARC Training Centre for Liquefied Natural Gas Futures. The training centre will be directed by Professor Eric May. VMG is proud to announce its support as a partner organization for the new training centre by providing the software needed for LNG plant modeling.

"This training centre aims to deliver projects and training to enable future Australian Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production from reserves in deep water, at small or remote on-shore locations, with greater efficiency, less environmental impact, and at lower cost than currently possible. This should be accomplished via research projects undertaken by the PhD students and research fellows with guidance from the centre’s industrial partners. The centre’s expected legacy is a unique research and training facility, designed for future integration into a microscale LNG plant. The anticipated research and training outcomes will help to ensure Australia plays a leading role in future global LNG developments."

 Partner Organizations:

Chevron Energy TechnologyShell Development (Australia)Woodside EnergyGE Oil & Gas AustraliaCloughSamsung Heavy Industries; Guodian New Energy Technology Research Institute; Virtual Materials Group; Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering.

For more information about the Industrial Transformation Research Program, please visit the ARC website.

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