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No matter where you are in the world, a local VMG office or sales agent is within your continent. We have 3 offices located in Houston, Tokyo and Barcelona and 7 sales agents located worldwide. Our corporate and development headquarters are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



Virtual Materials Group USA Inc.

Virtual Materials Group USA Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Virtual Materials Group Inc. in Canada. The managing director of VMG USA is Gerald Jacobs.

Gerald Jacobs has held a variety of senior positions from technology development to global sales director over the course of 31 years in the chemical engineering software industry. He created and currently manages VMG USA, a once independent operation that merged with Virtual Materials Group in 2003. Prior to VMG, he spent 17 years at Hyprotech in a variety of positions including Vice President of Global Accounts. He has also served 4 years as Product Technology Manager for COADE.

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Virtual Materials Group Europe, S.L.

Virtual Materials Group Europe, S.L. based in Barcelona, Spain is a wholly owned subsidiary of Virtual Materials Group Inc. Canada. The managing director of VMG Europe, S.L. is Michele Manzulli with 15+ years of experience in the process hydrocarbon industry.

Michele Manzulli received his Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He started his career in Praxair Inc. as a process engineer and then worked for several years as a process design engineer at Foster Wheeler Europe, designing the operation of several refinery units. He joined Hyprotech in 2001 where he worked as a Technical Consultant Engineer, and then moved to Business Development and Project Technical Leadership after the acquisition of Hyprotech by Aspen Technology in 2002. His main focus is in designing and executing simulation modeling services solutions to bring value to the hydrocarbon industry. 


Virtual Materials Group Europe, S.L. 
C. Beethoven 13, P.7 
08021 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 548 43 92  
Europe Support


Virtual Materials Group Europe, S.L. (Russia and CIS)
Moscow, Russia 
Tel: +7 495 255 50 45
Russia Support

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Virtual Materials Group Japan Corporation

Virtual Materials Group Japan Corporation is based in Tokyo, Japan and is a partially owned subsidiary of Virtual Materials Group Inc. Canada. The managing director of VMG Japan Corporation is Norio Takayama.

Norio Takayama received a Bachelors and Masters degree in chemical engineeirng from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. His thesis pertained to biochemical reaction engineering. Norio has more than 20 years experience in process modeling, design and troubleshooting in the petrochemical industry.

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Sales Agents


InnovaPro Ltd. 
Rua Dr. Cid de Castro Prado 
108 – Sao Paulo, SP Brazil 
CEP: 04116-040 
Tel: 55 11 5091 3900   
Mauro Corradini


Saybry Limited  
47 Stranolar Drive  
Mt. Roskill Sth  
Auckland, New Zealand 1041   
Tel: +64 (9) 627 3018


VMG Beijing  
Room 203B, Building B 
8 Guanghua Rd., Chaoyang District  
Beijing, China (PRC) 100026   
Tel: +86 10 6500 6221


Centro Ilarco     
Transversal 60 No 115-58, Torre A, Oficina 601, Bogota, Colombia    
Tel: + 571 533 2058     
Cell: +57 320 380 3568                       Oscar Huertas

North Africa

Process Village 
14c, Road #198, Digla 
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt 
Tel: +20 2 2519 1282 
Hossam Attia


CMSI Inc. 
(7F, Taeyang21 Bldg., Yeoksam-dong) 110 
Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 135-080 
Tel: +82 2 2051 2305 
Ian Jeon


Oil and Gas Facilities Plus (OGF+) 
Gonzalo Endara Crown y Jaime Moscoco 
Quito, Ecuador 
Tel: +59 398469 7279 
Diego Guamantica


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