Multiple Coals in Gasification Cases

Herbert Loria - VMG Calgary


VMGSim 9.0 introduced the capability of working with multiple coals in Gasification cases, before this release one could only work with one hypothetical coal component per simulation case. Now, not only more than one coal component can be handled in each case but also these coals can be also edited.

The objective of this communication is to showcase this new feature in VMGSim and, illustrate how multiple coals can be used in one case to study different variables in gasification processes, for instance to compare the amount of gas that is produced using different coals.

Coal Characterization

The Coal Characterization environment can be used to create hypothetical components (coals) that represent bio-mass, municipal solid waste, and other type of feeds that can be gasified. The resulting hypothetical component can be characterized by defining its compositional analysis, molecular weight and heating value.

The Coal Characterization environment can be accessed through the Coal button and the bottom of the Thermo Model form. Note that the Coal button becomes visible in the thermo environment only when theGasification or Gasification (2010) property packages are installed.


The Input frame in the Coal Characterization environment allows adding the basic information that is needed to build a coal hypothetical component. In the Add/Edit Coal box one selects if a new coal will be created or if a previously installed coal will be modified. If a previously installed coal is selected, its physical property information is used to populate the form and can be edited if wanted.


If the option “<New>” is selected, then the form is cleared and the “Name” box will be shown in the form to start characterizing a new coal.


Once the input information is provided, the Characterize button will calculate other physical properties that are necessary to use the coal hypothetical component in the selected property package. The Install Coal button will install the coal hypothetical component in the selected property package.


The Characterized Properties will show some of the coal’s calculated physical properties like the chemical formula, normal boiling point, freezing point and heating values in case they were estimated.


To add more Coal hypothetical components just select <New> in the Add/Edit Coal box and enter their information.

Gasification Example

In this example the Plasma Gasification case from VMGSim’s documentation folder is used (C:\Program Files (x86)\VMG\VMGSimPkg 9.0\Documentation\Manual Examples\Reactors\PlasmaGasification.vmp). To start, open the case and bring up the Coal Characterization environment by clicking on the Coal button.


In the environment, it can be sent hat there is one coal already installed, TugnuiskyCoal, in addition to this one 2 more coals will be added by selecting <New> in the Add/Edit Coal button. The hypothetical coals areWoodChips and MunicipalWaste, their physical properties are provided below.





Characterize and Install the coals to add them to the component list.


Now the gasification coals can be substituted in the Plasma Gasification reactor to observe how the gas production is affected.

To do this add a Case Study, the gasification coals compositions from the FeedIn port of the Plasma Gasification reactor can be used as independent variables and the mass flow of the RawGasOut port can be added as the dependent variable.



Once the Case Study has been run the different amounts of produced gas can be observed for each gasification coal.


It can be seen that the TugnuiskyCoal will produce more gas than the other two coals. This process can be repeated for more coals or to inspect other variables from the gasification process.

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