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Symmetry, a process software platform, is a comprehensive simulator that captures all aspects of your models from reservoir to product distribution. The Symmetry platform is built using VMG’s industry proven simulation technologies that have been optimized to scale to your engineering needs.

The Symmetry platform uniquely integrates the modeling of fields, pipe networks, process plants and flare systems, providing an unprecedented level of collaboration. The Symmetry platform is designed with flexibility in mind. It can be used to model a specific application or to create a comprehensive model that may span from the field through different types of facilities. Everything using a consistent thermodynamic engine. If you are a VMGSim user you will feel right at home since the Symmetry platform builds upon familiar workflows and a powerful core of process simulation technology that comes from VMGSim.


Tailored Workspaces

Each flowsheet in a simulation model can be solved in steady state or dynamics, and different types of flowsheets provide tailored workspaces for models of processing facilities, pipe networks or flare systems. The steady state solver in the pipe and flare workspaces provides a unique combination of a pressure flow network solver and a sequential solver depending on the specifications.    


The Symmetry platform’s tailored workspaces include:
  • VMGSim: World-class process simulation for facilities and plants
  • Pipe: Rigorous dynamic and steady-state multiphase modeling for complex pipe networks
  • Flare: All-inclusive relief system analysis with integrated PSV, network header and stack design
  • Field: Fully integrated gas reservoir and multiphase gathering system with forecasting functionality

The VMGSim (Process), Pipe and Flare workspaces share the same proces platform therefore they share the same extensive set of tools including regression, an optimizer, economics, connectivity and fluid characterization. The thermodynamic engine is consistent across the entire simulator and becomes a critical component of an integrated simulation model. Workspaces are tailored with specific features and views to promote common workflows and increase productivity. 

The flexible design of the Symmetry platform enables users to create simulations for a wide variety of applications and uses, from conceptual design to optimization and debottlenecking. The versatility of the Symmetry platform makes it the perfect tool for desktop work or for Industry 4.0 implementations.

VMGSim - World-class process simulation for facilities and plants

Types of applications include but are not limited to:

  • Gas Processing
  • Sweetening
  • Sulfur Recovery
  • Refining and Petrochemical
  • Heavy Oil Processing
  • Specialty processes such as Gasification and Fischer-Tropsch
  • Sizing and rating of equipment

Learn about all of the new functionality that Symmetry 2018 brings to your VMGSim simulations.


Figure 1. Asset wide analysis - from field to gas plant.



Figure 2. Refinery wide study - economic impact of sulfur species in coke product.



Figure 3. Sulfur plant.



Figure 4. Aromatic extraction plant.



Figure 5. Emissions from dehydration process. 

Pipe - Rigorous dynamic and steady-state multiphase modeling for complex pipe networks
  • Oil and gas gathering networks solved with a network solver
  • Mechanistic flow models
  • Flow Assurance studies
  • Steady State and Dynamics including pigging and slugging studies
  • GIS input

Learn more about the Pipe workspace.


Figure 6. Looped pipe network with different fluid using a consistent slate of components.



Figure 7. Impact of pigging in facilities. 



Figure 8. Flow assurance study in a gathering network.


Flare - All-inclusive relief system analysis with integrated PSV, network header and stack design
  • Header network analysis with detailed kinetic energy tracking
  • PSV sizing and rating
  • Flare scenario manager with constraint analysis
  • Steady State and Dynamics studies

Learn more about the Flare workspace.


Figure 9. Flare scenario manager with constraint evaluation.



Figure 10. Combined steady state and transient analysis of a flare network.



Figure 11. Different types of relief studies based on engine.


Field - Fully integrated gas reservoir and multiphase gathering system with forecasting functionality
  • Field forecasting
  • Pseudo-pressure formulation for reservoir
  • Pipeline integrity
  • GIS based input

Learn more about the Field workspace.


Figure 12. Large gathering system.



Figure 13. Gathering network with colour-coded legs of pipe based on values of variables.



Figure 14. Pipeline integrity study. 


Learn more about the Symmetry platform and how to get the most out of it by visiting our technical library for training videos or registering for one of our upcoming training courses.

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