Extensibility - Engineering Art at Work

Michele Manzulli – VMG-Europe


Figure 1 – Incinerator Unit Operation

At VMG Europe we have been using VMG Extensibility Functionality since its initial insertion into VMGSim and it has exceeded our expectations. The limits of interacting with the process simulator are hugely expanded and users can develop their own calculators or an entirely new unit operation. VMG Extensions are a great container of people knowledge and experience. We have applied the concept to different fields including upstream, and downstream, and from sulphur technology to pressure swing adsorption.

We found this functionality can better satisfy our customers in Europe because it combines R&D developments from Calgary with additions useful to our customers’ specific interests. It does not necessarily need to be a big scope project; even small customizations can make a huge difference to users.

By working together with our customers we can bring additional value to business’ by embedding know-how in the process simulation, reducing engineering hours by optimizing workflows, and avoiding mistakes in data handling and transfer.

As expressed by my colleague Nicolau Goula, the person responsible for the VMGSim extensibility customization work, “the excitement of creating something together with our customers has no price, you can read it in people’s eyes”. Probably, as much as the excitement he felt when he finished his model of the fuel-motored Spitfire Mk.V and flew it over the Pyrenees.


Figure 2 – Radio control fuel powered Spitfire Mk.V waiting for the weathering painting session

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