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VMG offers all our customers and clients with one-on-one software support that's responsive and relevant from chemical engineers and developers who understand your industry. Your success is our success. 
For international customers and clients, get timely and expert help for all you process challenges by contacting your regional VMG office.
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VMG's worldwide offices are committed to providing engineering software, customer support, and advanced services to help the process simulation industry overcome specific challenges.

Our support team provides you expert guidance on the use of our software and ensures that you're maximizing its powerful capabitities to your full benefit. Our team will work directly with your engineers and lay out your different options in a collaborative environment so that we can arrive at the very best solution for you. 



Can VMGSim model natural gas processing systems?

Yes, VMGSim has the capability of modeling all your gas processing systems, including gathering networks, sweetening, sulphur recovery, dehydration, liquids recovery, and acid gas injection. VMGSim contains specialized thermodynamic packages that ensure you will get the right properties for each of your gas processing systems.

Can VMGSim model oil properties?

Yes, VMGSim includes a powerful Oil Characterization Environment that allows you to use your oil analyses to create a slate of pseudo components for your simulations. VMGSim includes several correlations to match, extend and predict physical properties for the oil bulk phase as well as the vapours and liquids that form during processing.

Can I model flare systems in VMGSim?

Yes, VMGSim has a rigorous pressure flow solver that lets you model your flare system and other depressurisation processes as a function of time.

Can VMGSim model dynamic systems?

Yes, VMGSim Dynamics provides a rigorous pressure flow solver that allows you to model all major equipment in your process as a function of time. VMGSim Dynamics uses the equipment geometry to calculate appropriate pressure drops and other kinetic losses.

Do you need Microsoft Visio to use VMGSim?

VMGSim uses Microsoft Visio® as its User Interface for building Process Flow Diagrams. Having Microsoft Visio® as the interface to build and assemble the simulation file is optimal, but it is not required. VMGSim can work without Microsoft Visio®, but the user interface will not have a process flow diagram.

What are the system requirements for VMGSim?

VMGSim will run with Windows XP to Windows 8.1. VMGSim needs at least a Pentium IV at 1.8 GHz / Dual Core at 1.67 GHz, with at least 512 MB RAM free, and requires 520 MB of disk space. VMGSim does not currently support running with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office®, including Word®, Excel®, and Visio®.

Can I run VMGSim on a 64-bit Windows computer?

Yes, VMGSim can be run on a 64-bit Windows machine. It will run as a 32-bit process, under Program Files (x86). However, VMGSim does not currently support running with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office®, including Word®, Excel®, and Visio®.

Where is the installer for VMGSim?

Users must be registered and signed in to access the VMGSim installer. Register today.

If you’d like more information, please contact your local VMG office.

Have a question? We would love to hear from you. Contact the office nearest you for more information on how to use our software and services to solve your toughest hydrocarbon and chemical processing challenges.



Alastair Ross Technology Centre 
#300, 3553 - 31 Street NW 
Calgary, AB, Canada T2L 2K7

Tel: +1 403-457-4595  
Toll Free: 1-855-6-VMGSim


Virtual Materials Group Europe, S.L. 
Gran Vía Carles III, 98, P.10 
08028 Barcelona,Spain 
Tel: +34 934097286 


VMG Japan Corporation 
Akasaka Lions Bldg. 8F 
1-1-2, Motoakasaka 
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051 Japan 
Tel: +81 3 6721 1067

United States

Virtual Materials Group, Inc. USA  
17171 Park Row Drive  
Suite 273  
Houston, TX 77084, USA  
Tel: +1 (281) 944-9902  
Toll Free: 1-855-6-VMGSIM


Sadovnicheskaya ul., 82/2, 
115035, Moscow, Russia 
Tel: +7 495 6411858 


VMG Beijing  
Ocean Express, A-1502  
66 Xiaguang Li, Chaoyang District  
Beijing 100027 China  
Tel: +86-10-8446-7077


Aplicaciones Avanzadas para Optimizaciones de Procesos (AAOP) 
Av. Mariano Escobedo #752-1603 
Colonia Neuva Anzures, México D.F.  11590 
Tel: +52 555531 9918 
Ask for Javier Sánchez

North Africa

Process Village 
14c, Road #198, Digla 
Maadi, Cairo Egypt 
Tel: +20-2-2519-1282 
Ask for Hossam Attia


CMSI Inc. 
(7F, Taeyang21 Bldg., Yeoksam-dong) 110 
Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-080, Korea 
Tel: +82-2-2051-2305 
Ask for Ian Jeon


InnovaPro Ltda. 
Rua Dr. Cid de Castro Prado 
108 – Sao Paulo, SP Brazil 
CEP: 04116-040 
Tel: (55) 11-5091-3900   
Ask for Pedro Martins Alve

Middle East

Enterprise Business Solutions W.L.L  
P.O Box: 18384 Farwaniya  
Postal Code: 81004 Kuwait  
Tel: +965 2475-1764  
Ask for Mr. Mohammed Farhat


Saybry Limited  
47 Stranolar Drive  
Mt. Roskill Sth  
Auckland 1041, New Zealand  
Tel: +64 (9) 627-3018

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