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Can Symmetry model natural gas processing systems?

Yes, Symmetry has the capability of modeling all your gas processing systems, including gathering networks, sweetening, sulphur recovery, dehydration, liquids recovery, and acid gas injection. Symmetry contains specialized thermodynamic packages that ensure you will get the right properties for each of your gas processing systems. 

Can Symmetry model oil properties?

Yes, Symmetry includes a powerful Oil Characterization Environment that allows you to use your oil analyses to create a slate of pseudo components for your simulations. Symmetry includes both Oil Assay characterization as well as Molecular Structure (PIONA) characterization options. Characterization information can include as little as a typical Black Oil up to a full Compositional Analysis or Distillation Curve. Symmetry includes several correlations to match, extend and predict physical properties for the oil bulk phase as well as the vapours and liquids that form during processing. 

Can Symmetry predict solid formation?

Yes, Symmetry can predict the formation of several Solid phases which include Hydrates,  Wax, and Asphaltenes for Hydrocarbon Fluids. Asphaltene prediction applies to processes that use solvents like n-Pentane and n-Heptane. There is also the option of tracking the freezing points of common components present in Natural Gas and Oil Processing Systems like Water, CO2, Methane, and Benzene among others. 

Can I model flare systems in Symmetry?

Yes, Symmetry has a Flare Workspace with a Steady State network solver, a Scenario Manager as well as a rigorous pressure flow solver that lets you model your flare system and other depressurisation processes as a function of time. 

Can Symmetry model dynamic systems?

Yes, Symmetry Dynamics provides a rigorous pressure flow solver that allows you to model all major equipment in your process as a function of time. Symmetry Dynamics uses the equipment geometry to calculate appropriate pressure drops and other kinetic losses.

Do you need Microsoft Visio to use Symmetry?

Symmetry uses Microsoft Visio® as its User Interface for building Process Flow Diagrams. Having Microsoft Visio® as the interface to build and assemble the simulation file is optimal, but it is not required. Symmetry can work without Microsoft Visio®, but the user interface will not have a process flow diagram.

Symmetry supports working with Visio 2010+. Please note, for Office 365, Symmetry requires Visio Online Plan 2 which includes an installation of Visio on the local machine. 

What are the system requirements for Symmetry?

Symmetry will run with Windows 7 and newer. Symmetry has the following minimum and recommended System Specifications:


Symmetry supports running with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office®, including Word®, Excel®, and Visio®. Please note that Symmetry 64-bit must be installed with Microsoft Office and Visio 64-bit.

Can I run Symmetry on a 64-bit Windows computer?

Yes, Symmetry can be run on a 64-bit Windows machine. The 32-bit version of Symmetry (with 32-bit Visio) will run as a 32-bit Process. The 64-bit version of Symmetry (with 64-bit Visio) will run as a 64-bit process. The advantage of 64-bit is the ability to have larger Simulation Files. Symmetry 64-bit runs with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office®, including Word®, Excel®, and Visio®. 

Where is the installer for Symmetry?

Users must be registered and signed in to access the Symmetry installer. Register today.

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